How Can I Prepare My Property For Bushfire Season?

The 2019-20 summer brought with it record breaking temperatures and catastrophic bushfires throughout Australia. With approximately 46,000,000 acres of land burned, 9,300 homes destroyed and over 450 deaths, making sure you have an emergency plan for the coming summer is imperative for protecting your home. In this article we’re going to outline a few of the ways you can prepare your home for potential bushfires in the summer of 2020-21.

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How Can I Prepare My Home For The Coming Bushfire Season?

Regardless of what your evacuation plan is in a fire, by carefully planning and preparing your home for a potential bushfire it will be far more likely to withstand it. Of course, firefighters will do their best to prevent your property from going up in flames, but there are a few key maintenance tips you can do to give your home the best chance of survival:

  1. Clear away excess foliage – If you have leaves and fallen branches scattered throughout your gutters, lawn and property, it’s of utmost importance you clear it. This is important because dry leaves and twigs will stimulate a fire if it were to sweep through your land. 
  2. Get highly flammable trees removed – Although not commonly known, palm trees and eucalyptus trees are highly flammable and commonly found in Australia. If you have a multitude of these trees close to your home, consider getting them removed.
  3. Plant fire-resistant trees – Fire resistant trees that have moisture rich textures can act as radiant protection and catch embers that would otherwise spread to your home. 
  4. Fire-proof your gutters – In addition to ensuring the tiles of your roof are up-to-scratch, it’s highly advised you install metal gutter guards or fire sprinkler systems to help mitigate flames. 
  5. Mow your grass – Although simple, keeping your lawn short and tidy makes it harder for flames to traverse. 
  6. Clearly indicate where firefighters can find water – If you have a pool, dam or water tank, display signage so your firefighters can easily identify where they can find a source of water they can use to extinguish flames. 

What Areas Were Worst Hit By the 2019-20 Bushfires?

Regions of New South Wales, South-Eastern Queensland and Adelaide Hills were heavily impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires. Approximately 46,000,000 acres of land were burned. Some fires are speculated to be the result of accidents, lightning strikes and alleged arson. Arguments for the nature of this unusually intense bushfire have been linked to climate change, high temperatures and drought. 

What Are The Most Flammable Trees?

Some trees are highly flammable and act as a stimulant in a bushfire. Unfortunately, Australia is home t o many different breeds of trees that are highly flammable. Some of these trees include eucalyptus, Cyprus and pine trees. Your tree selection around your home is essential for fire prevention. New South Wales and Victoria were among the worst-affected locations for the 2019-20 bushfires. If you have a multitude of these trees on your premise, and you’re living around Frankston Victoria, you may want to consider hiring a professional tree removal company to mitigate the risk of a bushfire engulfing your property. 

What Are Fire Retardant Trees?

A key strategy in fireproofing a building is tree selection. As mentioned, some trees like pine and eucalyptus can act as fuel in a bushfire. On the other end of the spectrum, fire retardant trees are capable of providing a physical heat barrier, preventing flames with moisture within left tissue and catching embers that would otherwise reach your home. Because these trees act as a radiant heat screen and reduce wind speed, a home is far less likely to go up in flames. For this reason, you should consider removing the flammable trees surrounding your home and replacing them with fire retardant trees. 

Is Climate Change to Blame for the 2019-20 Bushfires?

Since the 1950’s, the global temperature has been gradually increasing. This previous summer was 1.52 °C above average, which is speculated to be a result of climate change. This increase in temperature has led to a substantial increase in extreme fire weather. Although climate change hasn’t directly caused a fire, the increase in temperature, dry weather, high winds and drought all brought with it optimal conditions for a fire to spread. 

Where Can I Go For More Information on Preparing My Home for a Bushfire?

The most reliable place to find information bushfire prevention techniques is to visit the government website, or by getting in contact with your local authorities. Coming off the storm of 2020’s COVID19 pandemic, we’re all praying that the ‘Black Summer’ of the 2019-20 Summer does not repeat itself. With that being said, preparation in the face of uncertainty is key. 

What You Need to Know About Tree Stump Removals in Melbourne

Trees can be a lovely addition to your property or garden, they provide shade on hot summer days and help to create privacy. However, sometimes a storm can cause dramatic damage to your trees or they can get infected with a disease and die. In that case, the tree might fall over or needs to get cut down. What’s left is an unsightly tree stump that is not only disturbing in terms of space, it can also become camouflaged by leaves and other plants, especially in Melbourne fall. Therefore, a hidden stump on your property can become dangerous for yourself, your family and especially guests that are not aware of the stump. There is a high risk of tripping over the stump and getting hurt, which is why you should consider tree stump removal in Melbourne. 

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What Happens If I Don’t Remove a Tree Stump?

Sometimes, people think it’s easiest to just cut the stump to ground level, and therefore reduce the risk of tripping over. If a tree on your property falls over for some reason and you are left with a tree stump, it is not only dangerous for people to get hurt when not seeing the stump, there are also other concerns involved. If you don’t get the stump removed professionally, it might send out new sprouts that might turn into new, unwanted trees. Additionally, it can cause difficulties for future paving or other construction projects. In the worst case, a forgotten tree stump on your property might attract termites that might move and destroy surrounding homes, fences, sheds, and trees.

Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

When deciding to get a tree stump on your property or in your garden removed, there are two major ways of doing it, that both come with advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Stump Grinding

The first method of removing a tree stump is grinding it to the ground. Like that the risk of people getting hurt by accidentally running into the stump or tripping over it gets eliminated. Grinding a stump is considered to be environmentally friendly, extremely safe, and usually goes a little bit below ground level. In most cases, a high-speed stump grinder is used to grind the stump, as well as visible roots. This method is the preferred way of stump removal when the timing is an important factor, as it is the fastest method. However, as mentioned before, cutting a stump to the ground instead of removing the entire stump involves the risk of attracting termites that can cause significant damage. Additionally, the roots that are left in the ground are likely to continue growing and potentially turn into new trees. Moreover, planned landscaping and gardening projects might get more complicated.

  1. Stump Removal

As explained above, the roots of a ground stump can lead to unpleasant events. If you want to avoid annoying new sprouts and termites on your property, you should seriously consider getting the entire stump removed. In that case, heavy equipment is required, which comes at the cost of both financial and environmental resources. Moreover, using this type of equipment is usually not common in domestic situations. When removing the entire tree stump, surrounding vegetation and soil has to get lifted out of the ground as well, which means there will be a large hole left on your property. If necessary, that hole can be evened out at a later point. This method is required if you are planning to plant a new tree in that spot in the future, however, it is the most time-consuming way of removing a tree stump.

Which Way of Removing the Tree Stump is Best For Me?

Which of the two experienced methods is best for you completely depends on your individual situation. If you have any plans for landscaping and gardening on your property in the future and access to the financial resources for the equipment that is required for complete stump removal, then this is most likely the best option for you. However, if you are short in time and want to save money, you should probably consider getting your tree stump ground by a professional. For either method, hiring an expert in the field of tree stump removal is absolutely essential. If you attempt to remove the stump yourself, there is a major risk of getting hurt or doing it the wrong way. 

What You Need To Know About Palm Tree Removals

Palm trees are popular in the Gold Coast region and many of them are also popular for their distinctive look. They provide a great place to sit, and they can also provide shade during the hotter months of the year. 

But despite all the benefits that come along with palm trees, they have to be removed sometimes. In that case, it is recommendable to contact professionals like All Tree & Stumps Works as they are experts in palm tree removal Gold Coast

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6 Signs That Your Palm Tree Should Get Removed

There is no doubt that palm trees can have many benefits and are wonderful to have around your house. However, you should know that Australian palm trees will often be prone to disease which could damage their foliage. Palm tree removal is often the only solution when your palm tree begins to wilt or become unmanageably unhealthy. But how do I know if my palm tree is sick and has to get removed? Here are the most common signs for an unhealthy palm tree:

* White or yellowish leaves. It’s possible that a new plant was planted in your yard and that an old tree is dying from white or yellowish leaves that are falling off. If it’s the result of an old tree dying, don’t expect your palm tree to get better on its own. It’s possible that some kind of disease has already taken hold and is destroying the tree’s internal health.

* Leaves that fall off. The leaves of your palm tree may appear normal but beneath the surface, they’re dying and falling off. A good sign is if the leaves look brittle.

* Stunning, discoloured growth on branches or stems. This is a sign of a sick palm tree and could indicate a malady like leaf rot or fungus. As the tree begins to lose its leaves, the more you should watch for, as their disappearance indicates a slow process of decomposition.

* Unhealthy root system. Your palm tree needs a healthy root system to keep healthy leaves from falling off. As the trees become older, the roots will become weak and they may start to deteriorate. A weak, decaying root system will make it difficult for the tree to produce leaves in the right amounts.

* Damp, brown staining soil. The sick palm tree’s soil is a bit dry. There may be traces of blood or rotting material present in the soil. If you notice any of these conditions, it’s a sign that your tree’s roots are becoming dry and unhealthy.

* Signs that your trees aren’t healthy. You should watch for anything that seems wrong with your palm trees including signs like brown or yellow leaves or a decaying or brittle bark.

Things To Consider When Removing A Palm Tree

The internet is a good place to look for information on how to remove a palm tree, you can read up about the different methods of removal as well as get some pointers from others who have used them. You will need to learn the methods that work best in your case, if you do not then it may take a lot longer to get rid of your tree as there are a lot of different methods that can be used:

  • Ladder: One method that many people try to use is to use a ladder to remove the palm tree from its location. This method has the advantage of being easy to do, but the tree will often grow back quickly. 
  • Hole: Another method of palm tree removal is to dig a hole and bury the tree, then cover the tree with a layer of dirt. Once the soil is saturated, you can either take the tree out or bury it for future use.
  • Crane: This method of removing a palm tree requires a bit of expertise and equipment. It is best to hire a company to perform the job because of the safety and care of the equipment involved. A crane that can be controlled by someone is necessary to remove the palm tree, but also a forklift is also required to move the crane and tree in place. If the crane does get damaged, it can be very expensive to replace. This is not a method that can be learned by yourself.

Palm tree removal can be quite difficult if you do not know how to do it properly. The average price to get rid of a palm tree varies greatly. Palm tree removal can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

If you know how to remove the palm tree yourself, the initial cost should be relatively minimal. However, the overall cost can be high when compared with the cost of having a company to remove the tree for you. Many of these companies charge per cubic yard. This means that the company will have to purchase a large number of leaves to get rid of the palm tree.

How to remove a palm tree can be learned from a reputable company. They will usually have a site that they have worked on many times and will also be able to tell you what tools will be needed to safely remove the tree. Many of the companies will have experts who can perform the work at a reasonable price. The amount they charge depends on the size of the tree. It is good to pay a little more for the best service that they provide, but it will not be as expensive as it would be with a non-professional service.

Once the tree is removed, it must be carefully inspected to make sure there are no roots that are causing damage to the ground. And any parts of the tree that may have to be removed. Once the work is completed, the tree must be removed and placed in an area where it will be easy to move. This will allow easier removal when the time comes for re-planting.

Earthworks Hamilton Provides the Best Equipment

For the people who prefer a more traditional type of building, Earthworks Hamilton can be the right provider for you. With many years of experience and a large inventory of earthworks machinery, they will provide you with the materials and the professional services you need to make your project a success.

Earthworks Hamilton provides a wide range of products to meet any needs. Whether you are looking for garden tools, or a garden pump to keep your garden or lawn watered, you will find what you are looking for at their store. They have a wide selection of tools including earthworks diggers, earthworks hand excavators, garden equipment, and garden spade and shovels. They even have an amazing selection of equipment for digging foundations for your new home or excavating land for a new home.

Earthworks Hamilton excavators are designed with both traditional and modern designs, as well as being highly adaptable to various types of environments. Their excavators are also equipped with a heavy-duty, state of the art hydraulic system to ensure the best results. This equipment can lift over three hundred tons, and provide you with the best level of security and reliability.

Earthworks Hamilton also manufactures their line of earthworks hand excavators. They offer a large selection of hand excavators to meet every need and budget. The range of hand excavators include backhoes, spade and shovels, and a variety of other heavy equipment.

Earthworks Hamilton also manufactures the best quality, modern equipment that will suit your needs. Their equipment can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, as well as perform in difficult conditions. It is also easy to operate, so if you are a complete beginner to using excavators, then you can easily learn to operate the equipment from the comfort of your own home.

Earthworks Hamilton also can provide you with the best equipment, with both their hydraulic system and their state of the art diesel-powered excavators. Hydraulic excavators can reach depths of twenty feet and are designed to perform in wet and dry conditions, providing a safe and efficient way to carry out excavation work.

Earthworks Hamilton also provides a wide range of equipment for your pond or lake, including a large variety of equipment for your pond or lake. If you need the machinery to dig trenches, excavate land, and lay pipes, then you will find the right equipment from Earthworks Hamilton.

For the home and garden, they also offer a large variety of equipment. With a large selection of garden tools to cater to any of your gardening needs, including garden spades, shovels, garden forks, and hand excavators. Earthworks Hamilton also has a large selection of garden and landscape equipment to help you keep your garden or lawn free of weeds, dead grass, weeds and plants, and also to keep your home well maintained.

Earthworks Hamilton also provides many types of equipment to use at your local swimming pool. You will find a large range of pool accessories including floats, pool skimmers, pool cover, and more to keep your pool clean, and to help keep you safe and secure at all times.

If you are looking for some form of personal protection equipment, then Earthworks Hamilton is the company for you. They can supply you with the personal safety equipment you need for your home, office, and other areas.

You will be able to find a wide range of fire fighting equipment as well, including fire extinguishers and fire pump, which are used to put out small and large fires. These can be used to help put out small fires in the home, or office, or even a large and dangerous fire.

Earthworks Hamilton can supply you with the equipment you need to keep your home safe and secure. Whether you need the equipment for industrial use or personal use, the equipment you need is available from this leading equipment manufacturer.

Dangers of D-I-Y Tree Removal

Tree removal is a risky task even to arborists who are trained experts in the art. How much more you who has zero experience? If you are a nurturing the idea of cutting down a tree yourself, you probably should do away with it. A lot of accidents resulting in fatal injuries or damage of property occur during tree removal, tree pruning and tree lopping. There are so many reasons why you should hire a professional to do the tree cutting for you instead of risking so much by doing it yourself. Here are some:


First, there’s the adequate handling of the necessary equipment or the knowledge of the necessary equipment to use. A chainsaw, for example, is more difficult or complicated to handle than it usually appears. To avoid causing damage to the saw, the tree, and, of course, you, the services of a tree removal expert should be sought.

Use of ladders while working on your tree is a tricky affair. Too long or too short the ladder might spell danger for the unwary tree cutter. Many ladder related fatalities occur this way. Also, while climbing the tree using a ladder or not, some branches appear sturdy and safe to stand on but are in fact rotten and dangerous to do so. This can lead to falls that result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Why not let the expert do it?

Damage of Property

As easy as the activity may seem, a lot of calculation and strategizing go into successfully removing a tree without causing any damage to surrounding properties. Surveying of the surrounding environment is important to know where utility lines are stationed and where is most suitable to direct the falling of the tree. There is a high chance that a non-expert will miss locating appropriate overhead electrical wires as well as other conductors. To avoid electrocution or damage of the electricity company’s property, hiring an arborist is the best thing to do.

Walls, fences, and entire buildings risk destruction in your hands when you decide to do the tree business by yourself. A wrongly cut branch here, a wrongly directed falling of the tree there, could lead to so catastrophic a damage you’d wish you had paid for the services of a professional.

Why stress yourself with all the complex processes involved in mastering the proper use of tree removing tools? Why risk the safety of life and limb? Why risk creating extra high expenses from property damage by doing the dangerous task? When you can call on the services of a tree removal expert?

According to the U.S. Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 1,285 tree maintenance worker deaths occurred from 1992-2007. Professionals are familiar with the risks involved in the tree servicing industry. This is why the experts are the advisable option when you need to prune, lop or remove the in or around your property.

Leave the risk to them and chill. It’s their job anyway. They will always find the right way around the tree.

Easy Guide On What To Look Out For In A Tree And Stump Service Provider For Your Tree Lopping

When it comes to putting off dangerous branches from trees which might be too close to your private home, automobile or powerlines, otherwise you virtually want to have some trees removed to put in a pool or landscape for your outdoor; choosing the proper tree and stump service company may be very vital. How will you be able to grow a tree on your backyard if you do no longer have the proper information to achieve this?

Here is what you want to recognize approximately tree carrier providers: First, recognise that there are two forms of  tree service companies. The first is the type you want to do business with because they’re specialists who’re fully insured and have the state-of-the-art devices to make the activity more secure and less complicated. They are properly trained arborists who recognize that lopping a tree has one of a kind meanings. They offer services that are not destructive to bushes and ensure that your moves are inside the provisions of the regulation. The second is the ‘decrease again-outdoor’ operators who aren’t insured. Normally they can offer their services at a completely decreased rate and makes use of antique hazardous gadgets.

A proper tree and stump removal service will provide you services that isn’t always simply tree chopping including: Land clearing, stump grinding and removal, trimming, pruning, widespread elimination and even emergency cleanup. They are also properly knowledgeable on excellent practices in terms of tree and backyard care combined with robust information of dependable and at ease tree services targeted on lowering the chance of injuries or harm.

Before making a decision on which tree and stump carrier issuer to use to lop your bushes, take the time to exercise session exactly what you want a tree provider provider to do for you. Some of the most commonplace vicinity trees have issues are lifeless timber and branches, tree roots & doubtlessly unsafe or messy bushes.

Vital Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Company

Regardless of the different names bore by different tree services, all of them offer relatively similar services.

Although most of these companies are highly reputable and offer top notch services, there are a lot of incompetent outfits posing as professionals in the industry.

Before you engage a tree service company, here are some questions to ask:

 Do They Have Certified Arborists?

The first you want to know is if their workers are expert arborists. Arborists are certified tree experts and reputable tree services employ these professionals.

Are They Licensed and Bonded?

Next, you want to be sure that the company is licensed and bonded. Depending on the local laws guiding your area, service providers are required to have one or more business licenses. You may want to inquire from your local authority the license required of tree service companies.

Also, you want to be sure that the tree service is bonded. A surety bond is required of every legitimate service provider. This certifies their insurance cover, and the insurance company will compensate you for any damage done to your property during their operations. Hence, a legitimate service will always have this to gain their customers’ trust – ask for it.

Have in mind that your cover may not have provision for damages caused by an unbonded service provider. Worse still, you could be up for some extra bills if, during their operations, an unbonded company destroys the property of a neighbor. Hence you do not want to leave out this item on your checklist. Looking foward to becoming an arborist in australia, please click the link!

Do They Have Recognized Qualifications?

Again, knowing the qualifications of the company could save you from having your job messed up. Crave to know the number of years they have spent in the business and the nature of their experience. Also, find out if they have any added certification or specialization.

Ask For References to their Satisfied Customers

It would also be a perfect idea to demand references. Professional companies will be glad to offer you a list of their satisfied customers. You may want to discuss with them to hear what they have to say about their experience with the company. If a company does not provide references, something could be fishy – simply wish them good luck and try the next company.

How Many Years Have They Served Within Your Community?

Get to know how long they have been servicing people in the locality. This question is necessary because a lot of companies are fond of moving from one location to another, leaving behind a hip of unresolved complaints and issues with customers. They move to a new area where their negative reviews are not known, taking undue advantage of the ignorance of the residents. Beware of services that do not have a permanent address and a reputation within your locality.

Do They Offer Free Estimates and Consultations?

Be bold to ask for free quotes. Professional tree service companies will willingly send an expert to visit your property and offer you a free estimate. Most professional firms will also offer you free consultations. During their visit, feel free to discuss with them; this will give you some extra info about their services before you hire them.

Checking out these important points before hiring a tree service company will help you avoid regrets and save money. Above all, it help you to be extra sure that your job with be perfectly done the first time

Tree lopping – immediate and noticeable outcomes

At first, it can seem like tree lopping gives a lot of advantages to homeowners. Tree lopping is the procedure of trimming a variety of sections of a tree. As a result of its temporary nature, tree lopping can likewise be an extremely expensive kind of tree maintenance. Tree lopping may offer immediate and noticeable outcomes, but like the advantages that it provides, it’s also quite much short-lived. Tree lopping is among the many kinds of tree maintenance that’s commonly related to arborists. In such cases, it’s imperative that tree lopping be performed to conserve the structure of your property in addition to the well-being of the tree. Incorrect tree lopping can place your safety in danger and may damage the tree.

Tree removal needs to be performed by professionals as several things can fail if not accomplished correctly. Although sad, it is sometimes necessary to protect the land or buildings. Inside this scenario, total removal of the palm tree is a good idea to be sure the protection of people first.

Whenever you are pruning the tree make certain that all the cuts are created beyond the branch collar. Appropriate pruning, for instance, can shape and structure your tree just in addition to tree lopping can. Periodical pruning is necessary to provide the tree an ideal form and regulate its form and size. Whenever you are pruning you have to be careful as it’s simple to damage a tree permanently if you lop off a big branch or make a poor cut.

If you are not certain whether you will damage or kill your tree, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local professional in your town. It permits you to provide the tree a completely different form. The tree should put out a new crop of leaves whenever possible. If you’d like to keep your trees please talk to us about regular visits, and therefore you don’t figure out the hard way a massive branch is a threat to your house or loved ones. Everyone understands our street trees have to be pruned, for public safety.

There’s a solution for each tree. In many of instances, the tree can be transported to the essential destination with no additional charges. Your tree is going to be protected by three unique lines of defence along with the Treems personal guarantee. Lopped trees tend toward breaking and can be hazardous. Whether you’re interested in removing unwanted trees, or in assembling a continuing tree and garden maintenance program, we’d be happy to work closely with you to make a customised service package to fit your wants, schedule and price range. Nowadays, the least expensive tree lopping Sydney services are offered at reasonable rates.

You might want to think about taking away the tree completely and starting again. Land-lease contracts to guarantee charge of the property your tree is situated on. Sooner or later, tree trimming can lead to death, but it could also maintain life when performed under the most suitable circumstances. If you’re working with trees and plants, it is critical that you get the most suitable shears. While trees are predicted to supply shade especially during summer, very low undergrowth ought to be pruned for safety reasons. Managing trees isn’t easy if they’re leafing, sapping or in the event the trunk cracks. If you eliminate the trees you eliminate the rainfall.

Eliminate the effort of stump removal

Stump removal isn’t effortless. Therefore, it becomes essential. It can be a tricky process, removing the tree itself is one thing, but the stump and the roots can be a more challenging job. There are various procedures of tree stump removal that has been discussed above.

Bearing that in mind, below are some frequent stump removal procedures. Discover how this technique of stump removal works, claimed tree removal Melbourne. Since it is a more economical thing to do, chemical stump removal is also acceptable for those who must get rid of several tree stumps.

When you decide you would like to do away with a stump permanently, give us a call. Before deciding how to get rid of a stump from your premises, it’s an excellent idea to know about the simpler stump removal methods that are still designed to deliver optimal outcomes. There are many methods used to eliminate tree stumps.

If you prefer to knock out the stump by means of a removal method that doesn’t require labour, but is also faster, you can choose to burn the stump away. If you prefer to eliminate the stump once possible, you might want to take into account a burn method. It is perfect for people who don’t have to eliminate their stumps immediately and don’t want to set a lot of work into removing a stump. There are many ways of removing tree stumps. There are numerous methods to eliminate tree stumps on residential or business properties, a few of which are even natural.

The stump gets spongy and can be taken away easily with the assistance of an axe. Read on to take a better look at all the options you have in regards to eliminating tree stumps once and for all. In case you have a couple of tree stumps in your lawn, and you’re not enjoying their physical appearance, there are many techniques you can try in removing or decorating them so your lawn looks nicer.

Review the item info and the form of stumps you wish to eliminate. Stump grinding has several big benefits over all the several stump removal procedures. Aside from the approaches described previously can shed the stump from the ground. There are a number of strategies to eliminate tree stumps. Whenever you are removing the tree stumps, you ought to take extra precaution to make certain your safety. If itas allowed in your region, you could also have the ability to burn your previous tree stumps.

Stumps can be extremely unsightly. It’s not only the stump itself you need to worry about either. Aside from the approaches described previously could shed the stump from the ground. If you are not sure how to do away with your stump, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Grinding Method Stump grinding is a powerful removal technique which should only be done by trained experts. The most frequent sort of stump removal process is stump grinding.

In under a couple of hours, your stump is going to be reduced to wood chips you may use as mulch for your flowerbeds. Grinding a stump really isn’t the exact same as stump removal. On the opposite hand, it’s far more viable to get rid of a little stump by hand. If you don’t have only a few fairly compact stumps, we advise that you employ a professional, such as an excavating company, to eliminate the stumps.