Dangers of D-I-Y Tree Removal

Tree removal is a risky task even to arborists who are trained experts in the art. How much more you who has zero experience? If you are a nurturing the idea of cutting down a tree yourself, you probably should do away with it. A lot of accidents resulting in fatal injuries or damage of property occur during tree removal, tree pruning and tree lopping. There are so many reasons why you should hire a professional to do the tree cutting for you instead of risking so much by doing it yourself. Here are some:


First, there’s the adequate handling of the necessary equipment or the knowledge of the necessary equipment to use. A chainsaw, for example, is more difficult or complicated to handle than it usually appears. To avoid causing damage to the saw, the tree, and, of course, you, the services of a tree removal expert should be sought.

Use of ladders while working on your tree is a tricky affair. Too long or too short the ladder might spell danger for the unwary tree cutter. Many ladder related fatalities occur this way. Also, while climbing the tree using a ladder or not, some branches appear sturdy and safe to stand on but are in fact rotten and dangerous to do so. This can lead to falls that result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Why not let the expert do it?

Damage of Property

As easy as the activity may seem, a lot of calculation and strategizing go into successfully removing a tree without causing any damage to surrounding properties. Surveying of the surrounding environment is important to know where utility lines are stationed and where is most suitable to direct the falling of the tree. There is a high chance that a non-expert will miss locating appropriate overhead electrical wires as well as other conductors. To avoid electrocution or damage of the electricity company’s property, hiring an arborist is the best thing to do.

Walls, fences, and entire buildings risk destruction in your hands when you decide to do the tree business by yourself. A wrongly cut branch here, a wrongly directed falling of the tree there, could lead to so catastrophic a damage you’d wish you had paid for the services of a professional.

Why stress yourself with all the complex processes involved in mastering the proper use of tree removing tools? Why risk the safety of life and limb? Why risk creating extra high expenses from property damage by doing the dangerous task? When you can call on the services of a tree removal expert?

According to the U.S. Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 1,285 tree maintenance worker deaths occurred from 1992-2007. Professionals are familiar with the risks involved in the tree servicing industry. This is why the experts are the advisable option when you need to prune, lop or remove the in or around your property.

Leave the risk to them and chill. It’s their job anyway. They will always find the right way around the tree.