Vital Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Company

Regardless of the different names bore by different tree services, all of them offer relatively similar services.

Although most of these companies are highly reputable and offer top notch services, there are a lot of incompetent outfits posing as professionals in the industry.

Before you engage a tree service company, here are some questions to ask:

 Do They Have Certified Arborists?

The first you want to know is if their workers are expert arborists. Arborists are certified tree experts and reputable tree services employ these professionals.

Are They Licensed and Bonded?

Next, you want to be sure that the company is licensed and bonded. Depending on the local laws guiding your area, service providers are required to have one or more business licenses. You may want to inquire from your local authority the license required of tree service companies.

Also, you want to be sure that the tree service is bonded. A surety bond is required of every legitimate service provider. This certifies their insurance cover, and the insurance company will compensate you for any damage done to your property during their operations. Hence, a legitimate service will always have this to gain their customers’ trust – ask for it.

Have in mind that your cover may not have provision for damages caused by an unbonded service provider. Worse still, you could be up for some extra bills if, during their operations, an unbonded company destroys the property of a neighbor. Hence you do not want to leave out this item on your checklist. Looking foward to becoming an arborist in australia, please click the link!

Do They Have Recognized Qualifications?

Again, knowing the qualifications of the company could save you from having your job messed up. Crave to know the number of years they have spent in the business and the nature of their experience. Also, find out if they have any added certification or specialization.

Ask For References to their Satisfied Customers

It would also be a perfect idea to demand references. Professional companies will be glad to offer you a list of their satisfied customers. You may want to discuss with them to hear what they have to say about their experience with the company. If a company does not provide references, something could be fishy – simply wish them good luck and try the next company.

How Many Years Have They Served Within Your Community?

Get to know how long they have been servicing people in the locality. This question is necessary because a lot of companies are fond of moving from one location to another, leaving behind a hip of unresolved complaints and issues with customers. They move to a new area where their negative reviews are not known, taking undue advantage of the ignorance of the residents. Beware of services that do not have a permanent address and a reputation within your locality.

Do They Offer Free Estimates and Consultations?

Be bold to ask for free quotes. Professional tree service companies will willingly send an expert to visit your property and offer you a free estimate. Most professional firms will also offer you free consultations. During their visit, feel free to discuss with them; this will give you some extra info about their services before you hire them.

Checking out these important points before hiring a tree service company will help you avoid regrets and save money. Above all, it help you to be extra sure that your job with be perfectly done the first time